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Biopsy at Cancer Clinics

During your check-up, if your doctor notices something suspicious in your scans or reports, a biopsy is done to gain clarity and evaluate your diagnosis. A biopsy is the removal of tissues or fluid from the suspicious area to diagnose if the affected area is cancerous or not. Based on the evaluation of the biopsy, our experts at Cancer Clinics, chart out your treatment plan. This consultation session includes free cost estimation of the decided treatment plan.

Types of Biopsy Procedures at Cancer Clinics

  1. Fine Needle Aspiration

    Ideally done on swellings or lumps located just under the skin, this procedure involves a thin needle that is inserted into the area of abnormal-appearing tissue or body fluid. The Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) is considered to be the safest biopsy technique.

  2. Core Needle Biopsy

    If your scans show signs of breast cancer, your doctor would recommend a Core Needle Biopsy (CNB). Unlike the FNA, the CNB removes more breast tissue without the need for surgery. Hence, it is the preferred type of biopsy if breast cancer is suspected.

  3. Surgical Biopsy

    This is recommended if the suspicious cells can't be accessed with other biopsy procedures or if other biopsy results were inconclusive. A surgical biopsy is when a surgeon makes an incision on your skin to remove part or all the suspicious cells. This includes the removal of a breast lump to diagnose possible breast cancer or a lymph node to diagnose possible lymphoma.

    During this procedure, the area of the biopsy would be numbed with local anaesthetics or you may be administered general anaesthetics to put you in a sleep-like state. Depending on your surgical biopsy, you may need to stay in the hospital post-procedure.

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